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Age calculation

The following formula will allow you to calculate a person’s age correctly:

DateTimeVar begindate := CurrentDate;
DateTimeVar enddate := CurrentDate;

begindate := Date(Year(begindate), Month(begindate), 01);
enddate := DateAdd( “d”, -1, DateAdd(“m”, 1, enddate) );

If (Month(enddate) * 100) + Day(enddate) >= (Month(Date({BirthDate_Field})) * 100) + Day(Date({BirthDate_Field)) Then
Year (enddate) – Year(Date({BirthDate)) Else
Year (enddate) – Year(Date({BirthDate)) – 1;

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2 thoughts on “Age calculation

  1. Sumit Saha

    The following is working perfectly OK in Crystal report
    If (Not(isNull({DataTable2.dbirth}))) Then
    ToText(int(DateDiff(‘d’,DATE({DataTable2.dbirth}),CurrentDate())/365.25),0)+’ Years ‘+
    ToText(int(remainder(DateDiff(‘d’,DATE({DataTable2.dbirth}),CurrentDate()),365.25)/30),0)+’ Months ‘+
    If day(CurrentDate()) < Day({DataTable2.dbirth}) Then
    ToText(day(dateserial(year({DataTable2.dbirth}), Month({DataTable2.dbirth})+1,1-1)) – Day({DataTable2.dbirth}) + Day(CurrentDate()),0) + ' days'
    ToText(day(CurrentDate()) – day({DataTable2.dbirth}),0) + ' days'


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