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Browsing Field Data within Crystal Reports

One of the more useful features of Crystal Reports is being able to browse data by simply right-clicking on the field name from within the field explorer and selecting Browse Data. By default you see the first 500 unique values of the field. This feature is especially useful when are are within the formula editor. If you browse the data from a field within the Report Fields window, Crystal Reports allows you to select a single value and paste that vaule into your work area. This will allow you to avoid any typo’s…

1. From the Field Explorer, right-click on the field you wish to browse and click on Browse Data.

Data is displayed:

Note: It will also display the column type.. Handy!

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The Left Outer Join includes all records in the primary table that have an exact match in the secondary table but also all records that don’t have a match in the secondary table. The Left Outer and Right Outer joins are useful when creating reports to find participants without information in their record.