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Passing a shared variable from a sub report to your main report

Shared variables, make it easier to pass values from a subreport to the main report. Using shared variables requires two formulas: one to..

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Page numbering starting on second page

When creating a memo type report, you may not want the page number to be displayed/started on the first page. The following example will..

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Joining fields, objects using a text object

One mistake new report designers make is not utilizing text objects to join fields together.  Not doing this may cause your inserted..

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How to create mailing labels

1. Open Crystal Reports 2. From the toolbar, select File > New > Mailing Label Report 3. Choose the data source and table(s)/view(s)..

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How to change the color of Chart Bars

Supervisor and mangers love charts… When generating a chart, it can be fun to change the default colors to add a touch of class. If..

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Formatting the detail section to display multiple columns

Format the details section to display in multiple columns: 1. Right-click on the Details section, to open the Section Expert dialog box. 2...

April 4, 2012 with 8 Comments

Drawing Lines/Boxes

When creating a lines and aligning/connecting those lines, it’s helpful to know a couple tricks to ensure they are done correctly. 1...

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Change an image in the Crystal Report at runtime

So, you have created a great report for one department and another department wants the same report, only with their logo and department..

March 27, 2012 with 3 Comments

Assign a default value or add another value to a dynamic parameter

Crystal Reports – Dynamic Parameters aren’t very dynamic By design, you can cannot assign a default value or add another value to a..

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Add a page header to a sub report

There are a couple a large numbers of items I would like to see added to Crystal Reports.. A sub report with a sub report would be..

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When in the formula editor, Start out by typing the first charter of the function, press Ctrl-Space. The keyword auto complete will than show a list of the functions available beginning with the charter you typed in.