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Drawing Lines/Boxes

When creating a lines and aligning/connecting those lines, it’s helpful to know a couple tricks to ensure they are done correctly.

1. Use the Zoom feature from the View menu with a magnification factor of 400

2. Remove all the Guideline Markers on the left side of the form for the section currently being worked on.

3. Display the Gridlines and use the gridlines to help exactly position the lines to be drawn on the report. If a line is positioned exactly over the dots that mark a grid line, the dots turn white. To change the distance between grid lines
from File | Options to display the File Options form – the grid setting is on the Layout tab.

The grid lines can also be used to position fields so that they print evenly across the page – to move fields up / down, position the tops of the fields on the dots of a grid line very exactly, by watching how the grid dots change from black to white as the field is moved

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You can easily apply font changes to textboxes or fields by simply clicking on them once and selecting the desired font format from the icon menu.