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Joining fields, objects using a text object

One mistake new report designers make is not utilizing text objects to join fields together.  Not doing this may cause your inserted object(s) to truncate.  The following steps will help to ensure report data is displayed properly while looking good at the same time.

In the example below, I am using a person’s first and last name.  Each object has been inserted sepertly into the report.   If the person’s first name does not fit within the allocated space and ‘can grow’ is not enabled, the text will be truncated.

1. Choose the data source and table(s)/view(s) you want to report on (In this example, I’ll be using the extreme database)

If there isn’t a need for two separated fields, it is best to join the two fields using a text object. 1. Click on the Text Object icon .

2. Draw the text object:

3. Drag your fields into the text object. In my example, I’ll place the first/last name fields into my text object with a space in-between.

4. Right click on your text object and click on Format Text

5. Click on Can Grow then OK

6. Move your text object to where you would like it located within your report and press F5 to refresh.

That’s it… Great job!

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