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PolicyPak Software Rolls Out Pak for SAP Crystal Reports 2011

PolicyPak Software, the leader in desktop management and Group Policy, recently released a new Pak for SAP Crystal Reports.

The preconfigured Pak for SAP Crystal Reports gives IT admins the ability to dictate and ensure key settings so users get a predictive experience every time the application is used. Using the Pak, admins can enforce or even hide the setting for “Update Enterprise Report Properties on Save” so users don’t know it even exists. In addition, the Crystal Reports Pak allows admins to disable the Database tab in order to prevent users from altering important settings. A video tutorial for the SAP Crystal Reports Pak can be found on the PolicyPak website.

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Use the Chart Sort Order dialog box to sort and group your chart data. This dialog box appears when you click the Order button on the Data tab of the Chart Expert for a chart with the Advanced layout type.