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Print “Cointinued on Next Page”

When a group will go beyond one page, you can print a messageat the bottom of the page using the following three formulas:

1. Open the report.

2. From the Insert Menu, click the Picture Option, to display the Open form.

3. Next, from the Open form, browse to find and select the graphic image and then click Open, which causes Crystal to create a shadowed graphic image.

4. Next, position the shadowed graphic on the report and left-click to place the image on the report. You will then be able to move or resize the image.

Following formula goes on the Group Header:

BooleanVar Continued := True

Following formula goes on the Group Footer:

BooleanVar Continued := False

Following formula goes on the page footer:

BooleanVar Continued;
If Continued Then “Continued on next page” Else “”

5. Press F5 to refresh your report.

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The Left Outer Join includes all records in the primary table that have an exact match in the secondary table but also all records that don’t have a match in the secondary table. The Left Outer and Right Outer joins are useful when creating reports to find participants without information in their record.