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Repeating Group Headers

In Crystal Reports there is a feature to force group headers to repeat on each page. This can be done by checking the box next to “Repeat Group Header on Each Page” on the Options tab when inserting or changing a group.

When paging through a report where a group spans multiple pages you can sometimes think you are looking at the beginning of the group when you’re not. What would be nice would be to show the word “continued” on each group header after the first one for a given group.

Create the following formula and place it in your Group Header.

Example: This group is based on Country:

if InRepeatedGroupHeader then {Addresses.Country} + ”   continued…” else {Addresses.Country}

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Formula comments are notes included with a formula to explain its design and operation.

Comments begin with two forward slashes (//) and are followed by the text of the comment.