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Shading every other line of the detail section

To shade every other line of the detail section of the report

1. Start by opening up the Section Expert by clicking on Go to Report, Section Expert.

2. Highlight the Details section on the left. 3. Click the Color tab in the upper right. 4. Click the X+2 button and enter the following in the editor:

If Recordnumber Mod 2 = 0 Then Color(239,239,239) Else crWhite

5. Save and close.

In the example below the color function is used to return a specific shade of gray. CrGray, or crSilver can be used. Adjust the values in the color function. For gray, keep all the numbers the same, and increase them for a lighter shade, or decrease them for a darker shade.

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The Left Outer Join includes all records in the primary table that have an exact match in the secondary table but also all records that don’t have a match in the secondary table. The Left Outer and Right Outer joins are useful when creating reports to find participants without information in their record.