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Print “Cointinued on Next Page”

When a group will go beyond one page, you can print a messageat the bottom of the page using the following three formulas: 1. Open the..

April 4, 2012 with 0 Comments

Add page numbers

If you would like to have your page number start with a high number, the following formula with accomplish this task. The following formula..

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Page numbering starting on second page

When creating a memo type report, you may not want the page number to be displayed/started on the first page. The following example will..

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Limit the number of records per page

Create the following formula and place in the page header: WhilePrintingRecords; NumberVar counter := 0 Create the following formula and..

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Add a page header to a sub report

There are a couple a large numbers of items I would like to see added to Crystal Reports.. A sub report with a sub report would be..

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Use the Chart Sort Order dialog box to sort and group your chart data. This dialog box appears when you click the Order button on the Data tab of the Chart Expert for a chart with the Advanced layout type.