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Add a page header to a sub report

There are a couple a large numbers of items I would like to see added to Crystal Reports.. A sub report with a sub report would be aces… How about page headers within a sub report? They give us a report header, but no page header… So, with like many things within Crystal Reports, you need to figure out a work around. Creating a page header within a sub report isn’t so bad.

1. Create the following formula, we’ll call it PageHeader

WhileReadingRecords; ” ”

2. From the tool bar, click on Insert > Group, from the common tab, click on the first drop down and select your formula ‘PageHeader’ (Don’t close the window just yet)

3. From the Options Tab from within the Insert Group window, , select “Repeat Group Header on Each Page” and click OK.

4. Add text, images, etc. to your PageHeader group to display your information for each page of your sub report.

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