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Crystal Reports Barcode Font Freeware

A customer recently wanted to convert an employee ID number into a barcode in his crystal reports.  With that request, we that set out to locate a font to use.  In this case, Code 39.  Much to our surprise, we found that the cost of a font ranged from $50.00 to $300.00.  With the magic of google and five minutes of our time, we where able to locate a number of freeware versions.  *I’ll add the disclaimer that I don’t know what you get extra when your purchase a font from a company.*

The below fonts will work with Crystal Reports or any Windows or Mac program that supports TrueType fonts.

Font Downloads:


Using fonts within Crystal Reports:

1. Install the barcode font you wish to use on your workstation.

*NOTE: If you plan on running your report on a crystal reports / business objects enterprise server, you will need to install the font on the server.

2. From Crystal Reports, open or create the report you wish to add a barcode to.

3. Insert a Text Object into your report and enlarge it.

4. Insert into the Text Object the database table/view you wish to convert into a barcode,  twice with a hard return in between, center the fields within the Text Object, and finally add an ‘*’ at the beginning and ending of the second field.

5. Double click on your Text Object and click on your first field to highlight it.

6. From the toolbar, select the font ‘Code128′ and set the font size to 36.

7. Refresh and Preview your report.

7 thoughts on “Crystal Reports Barcode Font Freeware

  1. James Falk

    I had to do Bar Code Fonts at a client site once as well.

    I found the Company Azalea had a big presence.

    One of the elements involved was finding and registering certain DLL’s. With this information embedded within your environment, you’d be able to see Code 39 & Code 128 choices within your formula Functions. These would automatically place the ” * ” before and after what you were formatting within the report.

    Please note: That in order for these fonts to work, they have to be installed upon the local workstation, as I found great difficulty with utilizing them through a Remote or Citrix environment.

  2. bkuipers Post author

    Hi James, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. So that’s what those UFL are for.. I’ve been thinking about picking up vs .net.. If I do, I’ll have to create those as my first project..

  3. Indra Gunawan

    I was able to install the barcode font, and it shows up very well in the report. However, when I call the report from the code using Crystal Report Viewer of Visual Basic.Net, the barcode revert to usual text. Why is that?

    Help, please?

  4. Josh

    This process will work for code 3 of 9 barcode and font since it is a much simpler barcode encoding. However, this method will not work if you need barcode 128 or some of the other ones. Yes you’re right you can find free ttf files for the font – but that does not handle the encoding of the barcode. In order to be able to scan the barcode it must be encoded with proper start/stops and check value. Without these it won’t scan. Unfortunately at that point you will need someones’ functions / font to properly encode the string and make it scannable.

  5. vikas

    Bar code font is being displayed in Crystal Reports 7 on windows xp correctly.But when the same file is being displayed in windows 7 ,it displays wrong font format. why?

    Thanks in advance



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