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Prevent truncated text-based object

When a text-based object is placed on a report, it is represented by an object frame. The height of the object is based on the height of the font you are using for your report. However, the width is determined in a different way, depending on the object you are working on.

Whether you set the default size or resize the text-based object, problem could arise if the text inside the object prints right to the edge of the object frame. The report may look fine on design time, but when the report is printed using some other printer that measures the font wider, the length of the text grows, but the object frame remains fixed, resulting in truncated text.

To prevent the truncation of text inside an object

1. Right-click the object you want to format and click Format. The Format Editor window will be presented as below

2. In the Format Editor Dialog box, click the Common tab and select the Can Grow check box.

3. Click OK to save your changes.

The object is then formatted to print on multiple lines. If the text prints wider than the object, the text wraps onto additional lines preventing text from being truncated. Prevent Truncated Text-Based Object

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To change the formatting for multiple text boxes at one time, hold the Shift key while clicking on each text box. Once they’ve all been selected, click on the desired formatting icon(s).