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SAP Crystal Reports 2011 or SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise

SAP Crystal Reports 2011 is an incremental update to Crystal Reports 2008 with the addition of a few new features. It is focused on providing existing customers with the functionality they have in Crystal Reports.

  • New Read-Only Report Format
  • Export to XSLX from the report designer and viewer
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2010

SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise is the newly designed version of the Crystal Reports designer. This version is focused on streamlined report design, reporting against the new BI 4.0 semantic layer and SAP BW data. SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise is the foundation for all future releases of Crystal Reports.

More information can be found at

  • The user interface has been completely redesigned offering a streamlined interface to allow the creation of reports with reduced amount of effort.
  • Semantic layer support is improved. With SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise you can create reports against the new BI 4.0 common semantic layer
  • From SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise you can connect directly to a SAP BEx query using SAP BICS connectivity.
  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise processing servers in BI4.0 support native 64 bit.
  • Multilingual capabilities have been improved as you can translate all text-based elements, and all translations can be managed and scheduled at the platform level by the Translation Management
  • New BI platform alerting framework can leverage alerts created in SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise. This allows users to manage their alert subscriptions on their own, thus reducing management overhead on the report designers.

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When in the formula editor, Start out by typing the first charter of the function, press Ctrl-Space. The keyword auto complete will than show a list of the functions available beginning with the charter you typed in.